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Laboratory Bench Testing

Before a large investment is made in remediation, it may be worthwhile to conduct laboratory bench tests to assess the viability of a particular technology and quantify the parameters which will control its success.

We have conducted bench tests for:

  • Arsenic Precipitation

  • Wood Dust and Color Removal

  • Deodorization and Cleanout of a Mercaptan Tank

  • Elimination of Yellow Dye

  • Application of Chemical Oxidation

  • Removal of Zinc Paint


Our great strength in laboratory bench testing is our ability to understand our client’s needs and custom-tailor a testing protocol to meet those needs. We combine our technical expertise in chemical engineering with our practical experience in field application to design tests which produce results for real-world application. When your project requires the added level of certainty that only bench testing can provide, let Cedar Creek Engineering get you the answers you need.

See some of our past Bench Testing Projects here.

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